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Specialist Valeting

Autocare of Solihull operate a mobile vehicle valeting and detailing service throughout Solihull and the surrounding areas.


Soft Top Cleaning & Reproofing Service

In time your fabric soft top can attract moss, mould and mildew and will detract from your cars overall appearance.
Mercedes Convertible before cleaning Mercedes Convertible after cleaning and reproofing Fabric roof  after reproofing

In the left hand photo you can see the common appearance of the 'green moss effect' on this blue Mercedes convertible. In the next photo the same roof after cleaning and reproofing.

To the right are the water droplets beading on the fabric hood of a BMW Z3 (photo taken a month after it had been treated). This shows reproofing slows down water and dirt being absorbed by the fabric keeping it cleaner for longer.

A big thank you to Brian who worked tirelessly for over 7 hours restoring and reproofing the soft top of my 11 year old BMW. It now looks like new again!! He also cleaned and waxed the rest of my car and the rain now bounces merrily off both the hood and the bodywork!! Worth every penny and would highly recommend.

Gill C. West Bromwich.

Don't let your fabric roof spoil the overall appearance of your car call Autocare today on 07977 499 474.

What Is Included

  • Firstly we remove loose debris, lint, dust etc.
  • The second stage is to apply a dedicated fabric roof cleaner to remove the green mould, moss, mildew and general dirt that has built up over time. Paying particular attention to the seams and folds around the edges and the rear window.
  • Allowing time for the foaming action to lift the dirt we then rinse the fabric to release the cleaning fluid with the dirt.
  • Next stage is to clean around all areas that are visible once the roof is down/stowed.
  • Then we move on to the reproofing stage. This creates a water resistant barrier reducing and slowing down the roofs ability to absorb dirt and staining brought down with the rain.
  • Last stage is to clean the interior framework and finally clean the rear window inside and out.

It is important to have your fabric hood cleaned and reproofed regularly. It can extend the life of your roof, improve the overall appearance of your car and even the value.

If your fabric roof has not been cleaned and reproofed for some time and previously 'treated' by a jet wash marks in the fabric may be permanent.

It will help if you think about where you park your car. Avoid parking under tees if you can. The debris from trees can make your roof very dirty in a short space of time and tree sap can be very difficult to remove.

If your car has a plastic rear screen and it suffers from cloudy, milky vision this can be resolved or vastly improved. Please note advanced booking and a non refundable deposit is required. Please contact Autocare of Solihull for details.

Leather Upholstery Clean and Condition

Jaguar XKR pale leather upholstery cleaned and conditioned by utocareLeather interior cleaned and conditionedJaguar XKR Leather cleaned and conditioned
Caring for your leather upholstery will keep it clean, supple and reduce cracking and ageing.

  • First step is to thoroughly vacuum the leather upholstery. Using specialist brushes removing loose debris from seams, folds and beading.
  • Next a dedicated leather cleaning solution is applied. Ph balanced and suitable for your cars type of leather gently lifting dirt away.
  • Finally a conditioning solution is applied which will leave it with a natural matt finish. The cleaning process will removed some of the leathers natural oils. Conditioning will restore these, improve suppleness and reduce cracking.

Did you know that a car like the Porsche 911 requires 6 separate hides cut into as many as 64 different pieces to trim the interior. It makes sense to look after it.

To have your leather upholstery looking its best call Autocare of Solihull now on 07977 499 474.

Current day leather upholstery is nowhere near as robust at it used to be. In previous years the top two layers cut from the hide were used. Nowadays the equivalent two layers can sometimes be cut in to as many as ten layers then embossed or stamped with a leather texture or covered with a very thin layer of vinyl.
Leather needs to be treated with specialist care if it is to retain its new look and condition. I recommend cleaning and conditioning a minimum of every six months especially if your car has heated seats or is a cabriolet since the driving wind and sun can dry out leather very quickly.
To find out the experience Autocare have click on Experience

Interior Stain Removal

With specialist techniques you can have those 'water stains' removed from your upholstery. Soft drinks and milk spillages can be removed from carpets and seats. As with most stains, calling Autocare and acting quickly is important. The sooner it is dealt with the greater chance of success.

With spillages such as milk I use a product that breaks down the bacteria causing the smell. Once the spillage has been shampooed it is then treated with the bio active product. It should be noted that in some circumstances the upholstery can remain damp for 48 hours in order for the bio active product to work fully. Once dry this can return your car to a pleasant and safe environment.

If you would like help choosing the right valet for your car call Autocare now on 07977 499 474.


With today's traffic pollutants entering your car, added to spilt drinks and sandwich crumbs, bacteria can multiply and cause some rather unpleasant smells to arise. That is apart from the condensation inside your air conditioning system where mould and fungi can reside. Perfume dispensers only mask the smell; they do not get rid of the cause of the smell. The only solution is to cleanse and sanitise the whole of your cars interior, roof lining, carpets seats, mats and the air con system. This Autocare can do for you when you book a full interior valet.

If you have any specialist problems, including milk spillages, bird's lime removal and industrial fall out, Autocare can help. Please give me a call to discuss on 07977 499474