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Paint Correction Service

It is the polishing, not waxing, that brings about the most improvement in the overall appearance of your cars paint finish. Wax or a sealant is applied to add depth of shine but primarily to give protection to your paint finish.

Now is the time to have your car machine polished and waxed to keep it looking good for longer and revive your paint finish after the ravages of winter.

Autocare offer a mobile service covering Solihull and surrounding areas.

Machine polishing or mopping (MOP-Machine Operated Polisher) as it is sometimes called not only brings correction for paint blemishes such as swirl marks, cob webbing and hollograming it also burnishes the paint finish to a very high gloss which will set your car apart from others. We guarantee to remove as many paintwork blemishes as possible (1) giving your car the best clarity of reflection.

If head turning clarity of paintwork reflection is for you get in touch now with Autocare of Solihull on 07977 499 474

The photos below (click on them to enlarge) show examples of Autocare paint correction work before and after the process.
BMW Z3 Before Polishing BMW Z3 After Polishing
The first two photos show the driver's side rear wing of a BMW Z3. The left hand photo shows a large amount of surface scratches before the Autocare correction process. The right hand photo shows the same panel afterwards with the black paintwork now giving clarity of reflection.
Autocare Machine Polish, swirl marks before Autocare Machine Polish, swirl mark removal
These two show a Mazda MX5 drivers door. The left hand shows swirl marks like a cobweb effect in the surface of the paint finish in the suns reflection on the drivers' door. The right hand image shows the same door panel after the correction process. As you can see all scratches have been removed and there is a massive improvement in clarity of reflection.
Renault Scenic Before Mopping Renault Scenic After Mopping
The two photos above show before and after mopping the paintwork on a Renault Scenic.
For more information about scratch removal go to Mercedes C Class scratch removal

Clear Coat Type and Depth

Modern day paintwork finishes are known as 3 stage, primer coat followed by colour coat and finally clear coat(2). The clear coat finishes vary considerably from one manufacturer to another (and sometimes from one model to another). For example it is well known that Mercedes, BMW (including the Mini One),VW, Seat and Audi favour what is considered a very hard clear coat finish. Even those manufacturers who used to have a softer clear coat are now turning to a much harder coating. For example, two different models from the same brand, built in the same year, could be painted and built in a different factory and country with different paint manufacturers involved. This means the polishing technique must be adjusted accordingly. Machine polishing in the right hands can achieve a clarity in the clear coat finish superior to polishing by hand alone.

Clear coat finish type and depth are important pieces of information to understand before machine polishing. With the introduction of harder clear coat finishes polishing by hand to remove swirl marks will be very hard work.

To ensure your cars paintwork has appropriate depth to machine polish Digital Paint Depth measurements are taken and a free report is given to you. This clear paint finish that will be polished is thinner than the average human hair. So knowing the depth is critical and emphasises the respect I hold for your cars paintwork. The aim is to remove as many blemishes as possible without compromising(1) the finish on your car. Visual checks can only tell you so much and I will know which panels need particular attention.

(1)The clear coat finish on modern day cars offers durable protection for the thinner, softer and less durable colour coat underneath. In particular it blocks the effects of Ultra Violet light. If the clear coat finish is too aggressively polished it will reduce its depth and its ability to block UV light. The result can bring on rapid deterioration of the colour and an expensive respray may be the only answer. Therefore, sometimes compromise is the better option.

(2)Sometimes, particularly after a surface has been resprayed there may be odd blemishes. There can be dust particles trapped in the finish or sanding marks in the colour coat, just two of many issues. Sometimes, polishing will not be the way to remove them.

Surface Preparation

After washing and drying the exterior bodywork we use a surface preparation bar to lift out all the embedded contamination that washing and polishing may not remove. Tree sap, stuck flies, road tar and industrial fall out all build up over time. For an example of contamination removal go to Case Study Audi A3 If left the contaminants can start the oxidation of your paintwork and we would only seal them in if we polished then waxed your paintwork. This stage of the paint correction process helps towards reducing 'distracting' blemishes and aids clarity. To learn more about the need for this process please go to FAQ's.


If necessary all seams, rubber, plastic etc are masked off before polishing starts. With the machine polisher I have chosen to use the very best quality of 'pure' polishes design for todays clear coat finishes. The same polish used by several major car manufactures at the 'end of line production' in their factories.

Some polishes on the market contain what are called fillers. These help fill in some of the remaining fine scratches (or disguise them so they cannot be seen). I prefer not to use these because after a while when these fillers have been eroded the scratches reappear. With the best quality 'pure' polishes there are no so called fillers which means once the blemishes cannot be seen they are gone.

Scratch Removal

Scratch removal is possible. As a general rule if you run your finger nail over the scratch at right angles to it and your nail catches in it, it is too wide and deep to polish out. If the scratch is not too deep or wide machine polishing may well improve the appearance, make it less visible or even disappear. For example and more information go to Mercedes C Class scratch removal


Once the desired effect after polishing is achieved the surface requires protection to retain the effect longer term. A pre wax cleaner is applied by hand to ensure the next stage, applying wax, adheres thoroughly. A wax is applied to repel contaminants, dirt, grime, water etc. This protection layer causes water to be repelled or bead. The better the layer of protection the taller the beading is.
Autocare Solihull polishing completedBMW 5 series water beading Autocare of Solihull

The photograph above and left shows a panel (Peugeot RCZ) under critical light after polishing. Fortunately scratches were not too deep and I was able to return the paintwork to a flawless finish. The photograph above and right shows the water beading after application of a high carnauba content wax (BMW 5 Series).

Wax is applied by hand either Race Glaze 55 Signature Series containing 55% Carnauba wax or another top quality wax. The level of shine increases with the percentage of Carnauba used in the formula. They do not contain any abrasives, meaning if you do not first remove scratches they will still be visible after waxing! The highest quality Carnauba is rated as number 1 grade yellow Carnauba, and is the basis, after further refining of these modern day waxes ideally suited to today's clear coat finishes. It gives a hard and transparent finish creating a clarity and depth of shine which resists acid rain and ultra violet light. Some products marketed as carnauba will likely have only a liquid form representing only 5% by volume and, by comparison, will not give anywhere near the desired result on clarity, shine or durability.

Machine polishing a car will take a number of hours to complete. To achieve the best finish using the correct tools and materials takes time and patience.

Products that claim they can polish and protect in one action are a long way from leaving the best result. If eye catching finish, head turning clarity and depth of shine are what you are looking for, then paint correction service is for you. Working now away from a showroom provides the opportunity to choose the very best quality polishes, glazes and waxes available and without showroom time pressures.

Please read important information in FAQ's if your car has had an 'after market paintwork protection' applied.

On the subject of durability it is important to remember how long the protection layer will last is dependent on the vehicles mileage, atmospheric conditions and if the car is garaged overnight.

For further information on any treatments, please call 07977 499 474
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