working with all types of vehicles, meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations, retaining clients who I have known since I started the business

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Events and Promotions

Autocare of Solihull can offer a detailing and valeting bespoke service to the event and promotions market, having over 9 years experience with a number of different marques. We can offer that Value Added touch to your Corporate event from a Team Building day to a conference or product launch, either off site or in house. So no matter what kind of launch, promotion or corporate event you have in mind, give Autocare a call on 07977 499 474 to discuss your requirements.

On our home page you will have noticed the photographs of the cars including the red Alfa Romeo Brera V6s. A number of Alfa Romeo's were valeted by myself during its development over a number of months. Just before the launch to the press in May(2008) 18 cars were detailed by myself to meet the expectations of Alfa Romeo. At this time I wanted to compliment the painstaking work the engineers had performed over many months during the development of this limited edition Brera. Further detailing took place on this model and was photographed for features in several car magazines.

Not long before this I worked with Mitsibishi with their launch of the Evolution X and new Lancer models. In 2007 I undertook similar work with the development of the stunning looking red Aston Martin. This particular car was detailed on several occasions for product launch to the media and promotional activity.

The black Subaru Impreza RB320 is another limited edition model detailed several times by Autocare. Fortunately detailed in better weather conditions than the day of its launch to the media.

In 2006 I detailed a small number of Mazda RX8 PZ, another limited edition model both during its development and promotion.

Previous to this I have worked alongside BMW (GB) on the launch of several models from the Mini One to their 7 Series, Peugeot and Mercedes too.

This type of work requires dedication and commitment and an excellent relationship with the customer over a long period of time. Not forgetting the very high standards to be expected by such marques as Subaru, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo.