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Detailing Services

Autocare of Solihull operate a fully mobile vehicle detailing service throughout the West Midlands, Warwickshire and surrounding area.

"I was a bit nervous about spending that amount of money on having my car detailed but having seen the results I'm in no doubt that it was worth every penny. Your attention to detail is a credit to you."

Mr. W - Nuneaton by email

Ring now on 07977 499 474 and speak to Brian to book your car for the Autocare Detailing Service.

With washing alone grime from our disapointing winter weather can be difficult to remove. Meticulous surface preparation will make washing your car so much easier with far more satisfying results. So now is the time to have your car detailed inside and out ready for you to enjoy. Ring now on 07977 499 474 and speak to Brian
Before and After Paintwork Detailing
Before paint work detailing - Autocare of Solihull After paint work detailing Autocare of Solihull
The two photos above are a Nissan GTR before and after Detailing by Autocare of Solihull. Swirl marks and surface scratches removed giving sharp, clear image.
Nissan GTR Detailing by Auocare of SolihullNissan GTR Detailing by Autocare of SolihullNissan GTR Detaling by Autocare of Solihull
Paintwork has been machine polished, cleansed then protected with a layer of carnauba wax.

"Can I just say how much I appreciate the attention you give the car when doing the detailing etc. It is very much appreciated and is nice to work with a company that is so well organised and does such a brilliant job".
Mr. B. - Coventry.

Detailing is a more extensive service than valeting.
With Detailing comes the patience, commitment, time with attention to every detail on your car. I come to you so you can see for yourself the time and care lavished on your car. I take my time to achieve the best possible result for your car.
Mercdes E55 AMG  BMW 8 SeriesJaguar leather upholstery cleaned and conditioned

Uncover the pleasure of driving your car Detailed by Autocare contact Brian on 07977 499 474.

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Washing Bodywork and Wheels

All washing is done using Ph balance cleaning fluids, lambs wool wash mitt and the two bucket method. This ensures no dirt is carried around your car inflicting swirl marks. Door shuts (the edges inside the doors and the frame) are treated using specially designed brushes to reach all the difficult to reach places. Wheels are cleaned with acid free cleaner ideal for clear coat and painted rims. Wheel arches are brushed clean and rinsed. The bodywork and wheels are rinsed then dried using selected microfiber towels to ensure a streak free finish.

Paintwork Preparation

Before any paint work can be polished it is vital to know what type of clear coat finish your car has and the depth. Digital Paint Depth Gauge (PDG) measurements are taken and a report is available. The Surface is prepared using a surface preparation bar (Clay Bar) to remove any ingrained contamination to give a smooth to the touch finish. Some types of contamination cannot be removed by polishing alone. This smooth finish is important not only to permit the best possible gloss finish to be achieved but also the smoother the finish the more dirt and grime will be resisted in the future.
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Jaguar XKR Machine polish and Carnauba wax Jaguar XKR Machine polish and Carnauba Wax Jaguar XKR Alloy wheel polish and sealed
The three photos above show a Jaguar XKR after an exterior Detail. The work involved machine polishing to remove scratches, applying a glaze then sealing with carnauba wax. The clarity of reflections on the bodywork is testament to the quality of the polish used. The wheels were polished then sealed with a dedicated wheel wax.

Audi S4 New car DetailAston Martin DB9 New car DetailAston Martin DB9 Attention to Detail
The Red Audi S4 above was treated to a New Car Detail. With delivery mileage only some industrial fall out had reached various panels, I guess where the transport covers did not reach. Full clear coat preparation, polish then Carnauba Wax brought clarity to the shine and shows the colour to its best. To the right is another New Car Detail, this time a black Aston Martin DB9. A very fine polish applied by machine followed by a sealer then Carnauba Wax will give the paintwork good protection for this daily driven car.

Polishing and Waxing

Machine polishing (sometimes called mopping) is a process aimed at removing surface scratches and achieving the best possible clarity of reflection. Polishing by hand will rarely achieve the clarity and high gloss effect possible by machine polishing.

Please note; Be wary of cheap imitations. You may be offered an exterior Mopping service for a very low price. It will most likely involve a product containing 'fillers' used to fill and therefore hide the surface scratches. It is intended for very short term effect. These fillers will soon be washed out and the scratches will be visible once more. The price will not include all the stages Autocare offer in our detailing service.

Once the polishing is finished it is vital to seal in the result. A quality Carnauba wax is applied by hand. Autocare offer you either a 55% or, for a small supplement a 66% Carnauba wax. These quality hand crafted waxes are oil rich and have a high technical specification. Deeply reflective, excellent water beading and longevity are assured. For more information on this part of an Autocare Detail please see Paint Correction Service where you can view images depicting the improvements possible. Additional coats of Carnauba wax can be applied according to your requirements.

Detailing WaxBlack Label Concours Car Wax Autocare of SolihullDetailing by Autocare of Solihull Black Label Concours Wax
Autocare of Solihull now offer a choice of either 55% or 66% Carnauba wax

For the full story on an actual Detail click here

Alloy Wheel Polishing and Sealing

Cleaning wheels and tyres regularly is not just for appearance sake alone but is important from a preventative maintenance point of view. If necessary, a clay bar is used to create a smooth finish so grime is less likely to stick in the future. Finally a sealant is applied designed to further reduce brake dust adhering. Together improving the appearance and making the wheels a great deal easier to clean in the future. Tyres too will have some brake dust on them. These are washed, allowed to dry and dressed with a low sheen finish.

Interior Detailing

Aston Martin DB9 Interior DetailSeat Ibiza Interior DetailJaguar Interior Detail
Special attention to removing all dust from the dash board, air vents, switches and door pockets etc using specialist brushes. All plastics and vinyls are then cleaned (including cup holders, glove box and storage areas even mobile phone compartments). All carpets, mats and seats reaching down into the seams receive a thorough vacuum (including boot area).

Thorough means exactly that, between the seats and centre consol, under the seats rear parcel shelf and roof lining. Autocare carry a selection of brushes to reach those hard to get to places where coins and crumbs collect. Shoe scuff marks can nearly always be removed from plastics covering lower door frames and door casing.

Autocare never use silicone based dressings for your interior. I finish off with a product used by BMW and Mercedes which leaves a matt and anti static result keeping those areas cleaner for longer. Sat Nav screens come in for specialist care as these too can be easily scratched.

All cloth upholstery is then shampooed removing at least 90% of soiling. Colour in upholstery is rejuvenated and pile in your carpets revived. The shampoo used has anti bactericidal and deodorising properties which help to keep this area cleaner for longer. If your car has a particular problem, spillage, sticky sweet residue, staining etc this is treated individually prior to shampooing. Roof lining, sun visors and grab handles are all cleaned, even the foot pedals.

If your car suffers from unpleasant odours for what ever reason this can be remedied with the Autocare Deodorising and Sanitation service. Please see Specialist Valeting for more information

Leather upholstery, dashboard, seats and door trim have their own dedicated cleaning system. Vacuuming first, cleaning then conditioning. Please see Specialist Valeting - Leather Upholstery Treatment

Windows, sun roofs and mirrors (including vanity) are cleaned and polished including drawing the windows down to reach the edges against and hidden by window seals.

Cabriolet Fabric Roof Service

Fabric convertible roofs can absorb dirt and grime brought down with the rain detracting from your cars overall appearance. Autocare offer a cleaning and reproofing service. Please see Specialist Valeting for more information

Special Feature - BMW Z8 Detailing by Autocare of Solihull.
BMW Z8 Detailing by Autocare of SolihullBMW Z8 Interior Detasiling by Autocare of Solihull BMW Z8 Detailing by Autocare of Solihull
BMW Z8 Detailing by Autocare of SolihullBMW Z8 Detaling by Autocare of Solihull BMW Z8 Detaling by Autocare of Solihull
Code named E52 it went into production from 2000 to 2003. Design originally by Henrik Fisker at BMW's USA design works in Southern California.
The Z8 was the production variant of the 1997 Z07, a concept car first seen at the Tokyo motor show. A limited production run totaling 5,703 Z8 were built, about half of which were exported to the USA. Built in left hand drive only but with centre mounted instruments.
I was also very lucky to assist BMW with valeting of the Z8 at the original press launch in the UK.
Restore the passion for your car - call Autocare now on 07977 499 474

Paintwork detailing by Autocare of Solihull
BMW Detailed by Autocare of SolihullBMW Detailed by Autocare of SolihullDetailed by Autocare of Solihull
Peugeot RCZ Detailing by Autocare of SolihullPeugeot RCZ Detailing by Autocare of SolihullPeugoet RCZ Detailing by Autocare of Solihull
BMW 535i Silver Paintwork Detail Autocare of SolihullBMW 535i Silver Paintwork Detail Autocare of Solihull BMW 535i Silver Paintwork Detail Autocare of Solihull
Mercedes E320 Detailing by Autocare of SolihullMercedes E320 Detailing by Autocare of SolihullMercedes E320 Detailing by Autocare of Solihull
Lotus Elise Detailed by Autocare of SolihullLotus Elise Detailed by Autocare of SolihullLotus Elise Detailed by Autocare of Solihull