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Exterior and Interior Valeting

Autocare operate a mobile vehicle valeting and detailing service throughout Solihull and the surrounding area. We come to you saving you time and money.

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a superb job on my car last week - the quality and level of the finish on the car far exceeded what I expected and I am recommending you to my friends as the 'go to' guy for car valeting!" (Mr. D. Dickens Heath Solihull - email)

Now is the time to have your car professionally valeted. Call Brian today 07977 499 474".

There are several levels of Valet - as follows -

The Vantage Valet- Exterior and Interior

  • Rinse then wash exterior vehicle bodywork, and dry to a streak free finish.
  • Clean door and boot shuts (edges in door and frame) and dry.
  • Clean wheels with non acid wheel cleaner and dedicated brushes, rinse then dry
  • Thorough vacuum interior, carpets, seats, mats and boot.
  • Clean all plastic and vinyls, then dress with anti static matte finish (i.e. no silicones used)
  • Clean and polish all windows and mirrors
  • Dress exterior vinyls and tyres.

Prices from £55 to £95 taking between 2 - 3 hours dependent on size and condition of your car.

Just one phone call away from having your car professionally valeted. Call now on 07977 499 474

The Interior Valet - to thoroughly clean your car interior

VW Golf interior valeted by Autocare Porsche 911 valeted by Autocare VW valeted by Autocare
An Interior valet will improve your driving pleasure removing every day stains from upholstery, carpets and trim. Autocare can help with removing dog hairs, sticky sweet residue etc.

  • Dust all plastics and vinyls, clean then dress with matte finish.
  • Thorough vacuum carpets, seats and mats.
  • Shampoo applied (with anti static, anti bactericidal) to carpets seats and mats restoring pile to carpets and colour to upholstery
  • Every day soiling removed with 2,200 watt extraction machine.
  • Leather upholstery firstly cleaned then conditioner applied to restore suppleness and reduce cracking.

From This this

VW Golf Interior before Full Interior Valet Autocare of Solihull VW Golf Interior after Full Interior Valet Autocare of Solihull Click on images to enlarge them.

Although the left hand photo shows a poor condition interior of a VW Golf the right hand photos is the same car after a Full Interior Valet by Autocare.

Prices from £79 to £120 taking between 3-5 hours depending on size of car and condition.

Specialised treatments are available for chewing gum, spillages, of fizzy drinks, milk, cream and others. Supplements will be applicable since specialised techniques and products will be required. Please telephone with full details for an estimate. If your car is suffering from stale smells Autocare can deodorise it to kill bacteria causing the odour.
To book your interior valet call now on 07977 499 474

For more details about leather click on Specialist Valeting and Leather Treatment

Every car featured throughout this website has been valeted by Autocare.See the Gallery.

The Vantage Plus Valet-Revive Your Car Paintwork Now!
(Full Valet)

The Vantage Plus Valet has all the features of the Vantage Valet with extra treatment for your cars exterior paintwork and alloy wheels;

  • Exterior bodywork receives a full polish/wax to lift out light oxidation and lay down a glossy layer of wax for protection.
  • Alloy wheels are polished by hand to remove staining then sealed with a wax.

Prices from £60 to £110 taking 3 - 5 hours dependent on size of your vehicle and condition. To book your valet telephone 07977 499 474 now.

The Connoisseur Valet
This is our top level valet with extra attention to the exterior and interior of your car. Combining all the features of the Vantage Plus Valet AND the Interior Valet. Together giving you even more value for your money. We will put a shine on lack lustre paintwork with a polish and wax. Then with your interior you will find carpets rejuvenated and colour restored. This would make an ideal valet to bring back the showroom finish inside an out. If you would like some help choosing the right valet for your car call Autocare now.

  • After our Multi wash system is finished we remove tar spots so your paintwork is thoroughly clean before polishing and waxing begins. A dedicated polish is applied by hand followed by a wax to seal and protect the result.
  • Interior upholstery has a shampoo (anti static, anti bactericidal) applied to seats and carpet using 2,200watt extraction machine for a deep clean. 90% of normal soiling and stains will be removed. This quality shampoo contains colour restores and deodorisers.
  • If your car has leather upholstery this is first cleaned and then conditioned which brings back suppleness and reduces cracking

Prices from £95 to £145 taking from 4 to 7 hours depending on size and condition of vehicle. To book your Connoisseur Valet telephone 07977 499 474 now.
Optional extras (please state the extras you would like at the time of booking);

  • Windscreen treatment to improve visibility in the rain and improve safety
  • Windscreen wipers rubbers cleaned to ensure streak free dispersing of rain to improve safety
  • Windscreen washer bottle topped up with quality screen wash additive.

The Exterior Valet - to help protect your car exterior from the ravages of winter
Winter weather can be harsh on your car exterior. Now is the time to restore the appearance of your car.

  • Rinse first then wash exterior body work and leather dry
  • Jet wash wheel arches
  • Rinse then clean wheels
  • Apply by hand polish/wax to exterior body work
  • Buff by hand
  • Clean and polish all exterior windows and mirrors
  • Dress tyres
Prices from £59 to £140 dependent of size and condition of vehicle.

Autocare offer an enhanced level of service for the exterior of your car. For more information click on Paint Correction, Machine Polishing (Mopping) & Carnauba Wax

To learn more about the valeting service or would like to talk in more detail about your car call Autocare now on
07977 499 474